1. The Opportunity & Nuances of Gamers as Influencers Jason Falls 35:24

How many of you would call yourselves a gamer? Well, if you play Wordle, you’re a gamer. If you got sucked into Angry Birds, Candy Crush, or Trivia Crack … gamers all. 

I have 3-4 games I have on my phone to pass time waiting at a doctor’s office, or to watch while I sit with my family watching a show I’m either not into or can listen to rather than watch. That makes me a gamer.

The demographics and statistics on gamers are actually quite surprising. According to Statistia, 38% of gamers are 18-34 years old, but 35% are 35-64. The female segment has always been far higher than one might expect. Statistia says 45% of gamers are female. Our guest today has data that says the majority of gamers are women.

But gaming as an avenue for influence marketing seems a bit of an enigma. My perception of that is a someone on Twitch playing Halo wearing my brand’s logo on their T-shirt. But millions of people watch video gamers play games just like mainstream consumers watch sports, go to concerts and more.

Irina Shames says people just appreciate the artistry at play with gamers. And those huge audiences present opportunities for brands. 

Irina is the executive vice-president of revenue and strategy for 3BlackDot, a digital entertainment studio that connects brands to audience-driven creators. So a version of influencer marketing. She joined me to chat about the somewhat mysterious world … at least to me … of gamers as influencers.

There’s a lot of great insights in this discussion, folks. The gaming world relies heavily on the concept of community, with influential gamers having their own and a very genuine relationship with them. Brands coming to the table with them need to be community focused, which is not the standard operating procedure for most brands. 

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