1. The Long-Term Effects of Creator Marketplaces Will Kill Creators Jason Falls 15:43

Whether you’re an influencer or a brand, the concept of the creator marketplace brings with it some appeal. For the content creators out there, the opportunities to work directly with brands can be a lifeline. That’s especially true when you’re growing your audience from micro- to mid-tier or mid-tier to mega influencer.

For brands, creator marketplaces mean simple integrations to support creator content with amplification through paid spend, and easily integrated analytics … no chasing screen shots or performance numbers from creators after the fact. 

But the transparency in pricing in creator marketplaces also drives costs down over time. I know when I look through creator marketplaces for clients, I often look for 2-3 lower-cost creators that equal the impact of one with a larger following and larger fee. Eventually those larger fee influencers catch on and lower their rates to stay competitive. 

So creator marketplaces are a boon for brands that often struggle with paying one influencer as much as it can cost to hire an entire agency to create an ad campaign. And over time, creator marketplaces mean the cost to the brand becomes more efficient. 

While there seems to be good and bad for both creators and brands in the creator marketplace model, there are a few of us who know in the long-run, creator marketplaces will kill creators.

I’ll explain how and why I know, in today’s commentary.

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