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You may recall our episode from late January in which I adopted an exaggerated satirical stance responding to a podcaster who had taken exception to my answer to a question on Twitter. The question, from my fellow Marketing Podcast Network creator Seth Goldstein, was whether or not podcasting was a modern form of busking, or a street performer playing for change.

I said no and Tanner Campbell, a podcast consultant who has his own show called Podcasting Sucks, disagreed and fired off an episode about me. And I responded with my tongue in cheek finger wagging. You can check that episode out at a link in the show notes for this episode, of course. 

In that back and forth, Tanner and I got to know each other a bit more and discovered we were kindred spirits in a lot of ways. So we thought a more friendly fire discussion about podcasting was in order.

What evolved in our discussion was really interesting and fun. The first half of our conversation turned out to be Tanner asking me a bunch of questions. When I realized he was taking over my show, I flipped the conversation and got to know him a bit more.

We talk about the history and recent explosion of podcasts, how both of us got started, our opinion of repurposing video content as audio podcasts … and on and on and on. We also spent a lot of time talking about the ability to grow and monetize podcasts in this era of mainstream media companies dominating the landscape. Super useful conversation. 

There’s even some good nuggets in there on my history as a radio deejay. 

Honestly, we could have kept talking for hours, but we’ll leave the marathon podcast to the wingnuts of the world out there. Today’s episode is probably the first of more to come as we just sat and picked each other’s brains. What resulted was what I think is a pretty damn useful listen for those of you interested in podcasts to build your influence as an influencer, or as a brand.

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