1. My Big News and What it Means for Winfluence Jason Falls 14:23

I’ve been doing this for more than 15 years now. No, not podcasting. That’s about the last 4-5 years or so and just two years so far on this particular show. But I’ve been doing this social media, digital marketing, influencer marketing talking head thing for a long time. 

The first time anyone really took notice of what I was saying was when I started reviewing and talking about social media monitoring platforms. The industry vernacular knocked that term around a bit and they became known as social listening software platforms eventually.

In my book Winfluence, I tell the story of how one such social listening platform made a seven-figure sale because I wrote about them on my blog.

In the last 18 years, I’ve probably reviewed, demoed or tried hundreds, if not thousands, of software platforms. The one underlying theme that emerged in me from all that testing and trying was that I sure would love to get my hands on one. 

I would like to be a part of building a software solution. I’m guessing you’ve ascertained that from my occasional rant here about how the influencer marketing software companies aren’t providing good indexing for owned content. Or that none really take into account offline influence and other paths of identifying influential people for your brand beyond that which the social platform APIs provide. 

Well, I’m making a big move this week that finally puts me on the software side of the aisle. That’s right … as of today, I am officially the executive vice-president of marketing for CIPIO.ai

Those of you who follow my content might recall in July of this year I published a written and video review of Cipio.ai. You can find that review and the video on my website at jasonfalls.com/cipioreview. I’ll link to it in the show notes as well. 

In that video, I said this … 

“Because Cipio.ai also enables you to tap into the influence of your community … your customers, your followers and such … it’s the first platform I’m happy to call an influence marketing platform. Without the R.”

That alone should tell you why I jumped at the chance to merge my philosophy on influence marketing with a software platform and services company that thinks the same way. 

Today on the show, I want to tell you a little more about the move. What is in store for me and Cipio.ai in the near future. And explain what me being an employee of an software company that includes an influence marketing software application means … and doesn’t mean for this podcast. Spoiler alert … not much is going to change. 

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