1. More Proof Influencer Marketing is Dominated by Women Jason Falls 19:28

We talked last time about the influencer pay gap and new data from IZEA that gives us a look at progress made … or not … in the breakdown of how women are paid compared to men and how various races and groups are paid when compared to white counterparts. 

One of the surprising pieces of data there for me was the vast gap in the number of influencers by gender. IZEA’s numbers showed that 83 percent of the content creators it analyzed were women. Whether or not that gives us some level of explanation or context around the gender pay gap, that’s a huge difference in sheer numbers.

Collabstr also recently released some interesting influencer industry data. Collabstr is also a software company that helps brands source influencers and content creators on various social networks. Its 2022 State of Influencer Marketing Report has another treasure trove of data analyzing the 5,000 brands and 27,000 influencers in Collabstr’s data set.

It goes deeper in the gender and age breakdowns of influencers by platform. Did you know that over 80 percent of TikTok creators from 50,000 followers and down are women? Seventy-five percent of TikTokers making money with Collabstr are females. The number on Instagram is 78 percent. YouTube is even woman-heavy at 69% of creators from the female side of the gender aisle.

Kyle Dulay is a co-founder at Collabstr. He joined med recently to talk through his company’s report, its implications for brands and, of course, we spent a little time talking about Collabstr’s platform and what makes it stand out. 

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