1. Leveraging AI to Find Micro-Influencers Jason Falls 32:44

We’ve gotten into a little bit of a pattern here on the show. Seems like every other interview or so is with some founder or executive at an influencer marketing software company. There are lots of reasons for that.

First, they’re anxious to mention their platform to you since they know the people who listen to WInfluence are interested in and often shopping for solutions to problems with influencer marketing. That makes this group of people easy interviews. 

My goal in having them on the show is to certainly talk about their platform so you might have a good idea of something else out there, but then I try to dive deeper into their worldview, at least as it pertains to influencer marketing. We discuss and debate issues and such. That gives you more than just a veiled ad for their thing and helps us push the thinking.

By the way – no one pays to be interviewed on this show. The editorial part of it is just me deciding that person has something worth sharing and talking about. Sure, I’ve interviewed Pete Kennedy from Tagger, who is our show sponsor, and some folks from companies that sponsor the Marketing Podcast Network, of which Winfluence is a member, but being interviewed on Winfluence is not part of any ad buy for them. Just so you know.

Austin Rosenthal actually caught my attention recently by saying he didn’t agree with my conclusion from an earlier conversation. If you’ll remember back a few episodes we talked to Aaron Bruce of Posse.io. His platform allows brands to tap into an influencer’s audience by targeting advertising to them with the creator’s permission, but for a CPM payout to the influencer and no need for content creation. 

My headline / conclusion on that episode was “Are we doing influencer marketing all wrong.” So Austin took issue.

It’s no surprise. Austin Rosenthal is the chief operating officer at Lionize.ai. It is an influencer marketing software platform in the traditional sense. You use Lionize.ai to search and discover, then engage and manage influencer campaigns. So I could see why he would object to me inferring that we might be doing influencer marketing wrong by not focusing on just ad buys against influencer audiences.

I welcomed the pushback and knowledge about Lionize.ai, but only if Austin would come on the show and explain both. So, a new tool and a little fun discussion is in order today on Winfluence. 

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