1. How Primal Branding Can Help Brands of Any Kind, Including Creators Jason Falls 37:25

Whether you are a creator or represent a company, agency or other stakeholder in the influencer marketing space, you have a brand. It may or may not be a good one. Or at least one that is well-defined, clearly communicated and the like, but you have a brand. 

If you haven’t articulated what that brand is, you’re kind of leaving it up to those around you to define or even assume what it is. 

The more you can articulate what that brand is, what it stands for, what it strives for, the better chance you have of recruiting fans and followers. If you’re rather extreme in defining it, you can evolve that brand following into a brand community. 

What if I told you there was a process to branding that is so relevant to the influence marketing world that YouTube requires its study for employees so they understand how to build audience and advocacy? There is. It’s called Primal Branding and it’s the brainchild of Patrick Hanlon.

Today on Winfluence, we’re going to dig into what Primal Branding is. How you can apply its principles to your brand, whether you’re a personal brand content creator or a marketer for a company or product. We’ll look at case studies of Primal Branding in action – I’m sure there’s one big one you know well but just don’t know it’s Patrick’s work – and dig into how it can solve some of the marketing world’s biggest challenges. 

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