1. How Podcasting Can Change Your Influence Game Jason Falls 39:43

It’s pretty obvious that you believe in the power of podcasting. Or at least you’re willing to give it a shot or you wouldn’t be listening to this, right? Yes, podcasts are a great way for someone like me to share ideas and interview interesting people for people like you. Ideally, you find the episodes helpful and get smarter about influence marketing.

But what switch needs to be flipped for you to see podcasting as a powerful trigger for your own influence?

Phil Pelucha specializes in helping businesses use podcasts for three primary outcomes: More publicity, greater marketshare and funding introductions. Podcasting suddenly seems more interesting, right? 

Phil and his team at Billionaires in Boxers have been doing this with businesses ranging from large financial institutions to small businesses for quite some time. And they’re pretty good at it.

Phil came on Winfluence to talk specifically about how and why influencers should look to podcasting to raise the bar on the type of content they create, but we dove into a treasure trove of discussion about how agencies, brands and services professionals can leverage this medium, too.

We even get into the interesting perspective that sometimes, your podcast can be valuable to you without even considering the size of your audience. And we had some fun riffing on the topic in an inside-look kind of way you’ll find amusing as well.

Phil mentions the Billionaires in Boxers Starter Package on the show, so you can find that link here.

This episode of Winfluence, the podcast, is sponsored by Julius. I mention that software more than others in my book because it’s the platform I’ve been using for a few years now to find influencers, engage with them and manage campaigns. 

Julius has powerful filters that let me drill down find just the food and beverage influencers in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Or the men’s Fashion voices that most impact Vancouver. But it certainly also gives me the mega influencers and celebrity influencers I might need to help launch a beauty, tech or automotive product.

And in most cases, it has contact information so I don’t have to go fishing to reach them.

All the elements of campaign management are in the software, too. I love the fact I can assign a purchase price or value to every single social deliverable that is a part of campaign, automatically track it based on when the influencer says they’ll post, and get an ROI report for each element. 

You know I wouldn’t say this if it wasn’t true — You owe it to your brand or agency to do a demo of Julius today. Go to jason.online/julius and request one. That’s jason.online/julius.

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