1. Everything Influencers Need to Know About Email Marketing Jason Falls 41:04

Too many content creators and influencers are building their homes on borrowed ground. And someday, the landlord may well swoop in and hand them an eviction notice. 

That analogy is actually a toned down version of reality, though. When an influencer or content creator puts all their content on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or Facebook, they’re building their house on borrowed ground. When they build an audience there, they are decorating and investing in that house. 

And someday, the landlord may well swoop in and not only hand them an eviction notice, but will keep all their stuff, too. 

We’ve cautioned content creators and I’ve prognosticated a bit and predicted we’re soon to see a pendulum swing back to old school content creation … I think influencers will be wise to build their own connection with their communities on their own property … on blogs. Maybe subscription based social platforms like FanBase where the creator owns and controls more of the territory. 

And making sure that community and follower connection is strong by Moving followers to subscribers … as in email subscribers. 

Build your list. 

It’s not just advice for businesses. Well, it is, but content creators don’t often think of what they do as a business. But they are. Or their content engine is.

Email marketing is not just a thing, it is imperative for any business to leverage to succeed. Email marketing is still the most effective channel in the digital marketing spectrum in terms of average return on investment. 

Who better to help us understand that and how influencers can leverage email marketing to protect their house … and their stuff … than the Email Marketing Heroes

Rob and Kennedy are the hosts of the Email Marketing Show. You’ve probably heard me talking about them on a promo before the show. They are also supporters of the Marketing Podcast Network

But their content is so useful and fun, I wanted to dive in deeper with them here on Winfluence. We’re going to do just that today on the show. 

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The resource Kennedy mentioned in the show is at emailmarketingheroes.com/winfluence.

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