1. What it's Like to Save Money and Live Better 30:32

Can you imagine living on a beach, in a bigger house, with more disposable income and more free time, doing work you enjoy?  Julia Vitality, the guest on this week's episode, says stop dreaming–make this your reality.  Julia and others like her are using a strategy called geoarbitrage: lowering their cost of living, usually by Moving to a different town or country, to make their incomes go further.  Julia — a Ukranian-Canadian now living in Cancun, Mexico — shares her fascinating life story, along with practical strategies and plenty of inspiration for anyone flirting with the idea of making a life change. 

In this episode:

  • 01:10 Definition of geoarbitrage
  • 01:58 Why Julz decided to use this strategy; some of her background
  • 05:12 Comparing living costs in Toronto vs. Cancun, Mexico
  • 08:53 Things to consider before Moving 
  • 11:12 Language issues (or lack thereof!)
  • 13:43 Taking on such an adventure as a single person
  • 19:08 Working in a foreign country
  • 24:17 Getting rid of unneeded “stuff”
  • 26:32 Medical system in Mexico

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