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July 1st, 2024

Power Half Hour, Unstoppable Business Owner EP#119 Diane Armitage

  1. Power Half Hour, Unstoppable Business Owner EP#119 Diane Armitage Dorothy O'Dell 31:50

30 years ago, Diane Armitage was a brand new entrepreneur who had no idea what she was doing. But on her first official day of business, Bob Proctor – one of the world’s greatest teachers on human potential and success – chose Diane to be his writer.

It was a speeding train from that moment forward as Diane and Bob worked together for 27 years, creating lessons, programs, scripts, and events. Their only goal: Help millions of people transform their lives to much better.

In that same timeframe, Diane was nicknamed “The Creator to the Creators, “The Secret Weapon,” and “The Millionaire Maker” by clients such as Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, and many of The Secret teachers.

Also, as the 30-year owner of her marketing agency, Diane and her team have created more than $120 million in success stories for the above clients as well as entities such as,, RE/MAX International, and

A few years ago, on Bob Proctor’s urging and endorsement, the protégée became the teacher. Today, Diane mentors globally, teaching entrepreneurs, business owners, and team leaders to reconnect with the power and genius they already have locked within to create their lives and businesses on their terms.

Diane’s live Coaching and on-demand courses cover everything from self-leadership gains to tapping into your already-existing genius capacities, perpetuating deliberate creation in any aspect of your life, mastering asking strategies, massively increasing one’s commissioned status, turning underutilized assets around in any business, and creating long-standing multiple streams of income through joint ventures.

To connect Diane, go to:, YouTube and Instagram @DianeArmitageOfficial,

Dorothy Graham O’Dell was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. She has turned her love of books into her next career, writing them. She wrote her memoir, The Overcomer Facing Challenges with Faith and Courage, in Jan of 2021 and her second book, The Overcomer Playbook, in November 2022.
Dorothy is a keynote speaker, producer, and host of two powerful shows, The Unstoppable Overcomers on Monday nights and The Power Half Hour, Unstoppable Business Owner on Wednesdays. She believes everyone has a story and wants the world to know about you!

She also helps small businesses to be seen and heard. She loves to shine the spotlight on them and take away the painful chore of making video content for their businesses; she has a gift of putting you at ease and having your natural gifts come out.

After having a retired Air Force veteran on her show Unstoppable Overcomers on Jan. 31, 22, and learning of the massive suicide and divorce rate among our veteran and first responder community, she knew she had to step up and help these communities. Since then, she has joined several veteran organizations to help ensure that they get the help they need.

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