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Episode 82: Riffs on Riffs Crossover

  1. Episode 82: Riffs on Riffs Crossover Evergreen Podcasts 1:11:58

Record albums. You know ’em. You love ’em. But do your favorites fall short when art overshadows music (or vice versa)? We invited a couple of buddies to the bar — Joe Watson and Toby Brazwell from the Riffs on Riffs podcast — for a conversation about a handful of desert island-level albums: how they sound, what they look like and if, ultimately, the combination works. We talk earworms, visual puns, the classic and the obscure, leveraging their expertise to make us look smart and their wallets to cover our tab.

Crack open a beverage, find a seat and see if any of your picks are on our list.

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Check out Riffs on Riffs when you need a break from us.

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Todd Coats & Elliot Strunk Co-Hosts of Two Designers Walk Into a Bar

Two Designers Walk Into a Bar is a podcast about iconic design and popular culture.

Hosted by graphic designers and collectors Todd Coats and Elliot Strunk, the podcast is constantly looking at pop culture and thinking about how it influences us and what we do for a living. Starting with a theme, we choose iconic work that we find meaningful and use humor and insight to break it down, turn it inside out and try to understand why it has stood the test of time. Two Designers Walk Into a Bar encourages listeners to dive into their libraries, mini storage units or memories with us.

Our website has each episode plus transcripts, notes and other extras.

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