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November 16th, 2023

TMP Episode 132 – Becoming The Best Version Of You

  1. TMP Episode 132 - Becoming The Best Version Of You Mike Van Pelt 55:51

Join me on the True Man Podcast with special guest Drew Deraney. Drew and I talk about becoming the best version of yourself and how this ongoing process involves personal growth, self-discovery, and the willingness to adapt and evolve. #trueamanpodcast #startyourcomebackstory

Contact Drew:

Contact Mike:
Call: (864) 266- 2058

Order Mike’s latest collaboration book:
Cracking The Rich Code

Pre-order Mike’s new book:
True Man True Ways, A Roadmap of Discovery

Wheel of Life:

Mike Van Pelt is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and men’s life coach leader. He founded True Man Life Coaching and hosts the popular men’s podcast, True Man Podcast.

Today, Mike coaches men and leads Christian men’s groups bringing forward his personal achievements, trainings, podcasts, and 20+ years of leadership experiences in Corporate America and collegiate sports. In addition, he is an international bestselling author and has been featured in two books. His upcoming book is True Man True Ways: A Roadmap of Discovery to the Masculine Heart.

Mike is happily married to his wife and best friend of 27 years and has two talented children. When he’s not coaching, he’s probably enjoying time with family activities or getting in a quick round of golf with friends.

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