1. What Book Marketing Has to Do With Apples Jody J. Sperling 34:15

Until you know you’re an apple, you’ll never know where you belong, and where you’re out of place.

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You Are An Apple

Sometimes I think about changing the name of my podcast to Book Marketing Mindset from Dog Walks, because so much of the insight I have for this show is gleaned from my daily dog walk.

This morning, I was reflecting on how most of us grow up believing we have to change in order to be worthy.

We hear from our Parents at an early age that we need to do this, and do that, and that when we do this or do that it makes us a pain in the ass, and we never stop to think is that me, or is it something I add or subtract from me that creates the problem.

My middle son has been a challenge. Many of you know. And daily, we’re engaging with him about his destructive behaviors. So as I was walking, I thought, This kid is going to grow up thinking he’s a liar, and a stubborn a*****e, and a sneaker, and a thief, all these things that we’re telling him are results of his behavior.

And, listen, I’m doing everything in my power to use the words correctly. I don’t say to him, “You’re a liar.” I say, “You are choosing to lie.” I don’t say, “You’re a mean person.” I say, “You’re choosing to be mean, and it’s causing your teachers and peers to avoid you.”

But I can’t change what he hears, and I’m certain, because of the constant, daily repetition, he’s internalizing it as identity. I do these things daily, therefore I am this person.

So this morning I sat down with all of my boys and I put an apple on the table and I went through an illustration.

This Is True of Your Book Marketing

Do you identify with any of these statements:

(1) I’m just not the kind of writer the masses love to read.

(2) I can’t write that many books that fast.

(3) I value quality over quantity, and I’m a quality writer, so I can’t write fast.

(4) I am to busy to market.

(5) I am too poor to spend money on marketing.

(6) I am boring on social media, and no one ever likes my posts.

(7) I don’t like people, so I can’t be good at marketing.

These and many other self-beliefs limit and shape the way we market our books, and the sad truth is, they aren’t true.

Your personality is your personal reality, and your personality can change, because you aren’t your personality. You may have believed all your life that you are your personality, but give it just a small bit of thought, and you’ll see, you are not your personality. If you were, and you had depression, then you’d not want to work through depression or you’d die.

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