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If you want to sell lots of books, own your audience, live the life of a full-time author and you have between 2 and 99 books published to the highest standards (professional editing, professional cover design, professional layout), and if you are okay getting your hands dirty learning to advertise, AMMO (Author Marketing Mastery Through Optimization) is for you!

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My guest on today’s show is A.R. Kaufer. She’s author of Courting Fate and Courting Destiny. If you enjoy fantasy with an element of romance, her books are an ideal fit for you, and they’re included on KU, so give them a try.

Without a presale or a big lead up, but two weeks ahead of schedule, my novel, The 8 Ball Magic of Suzie Q. landed on the scene this Friday. Grab a copy of Amazon, or if you want a great deal of the first four Luke In Time Mysteries use this link. You can also preorder the first two audiobooks here.

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