1. Audiobook Samples of 9 Lives & 8 Ball Magic Jody J. Sperling 13:10

Hey, friends, we’ll keep it short for this special presentation. I’m so excited to have Xe Sands’s production of my audiobooks. I don’t have a limit to the number of free audiobooks I’ll give away, but I do have a hard rule on who will get the book(s) free.

* You must commit to leave me a fair and honest review on Amazon, which means you need to have an Amazon account and have spent at least $50.00 on Amazon within the past 12 months. Amazon won’t permit people who’ve spent less than $50 in a year to review products. I don’t make the rules; I’m just aware of them.

* You must accept a reading deadline of 14 days. Time is money, and I need to get these reviews live on Amazon as soon as possible.

* Your review must begin, verbatim, “I received a free audiobook copy of [INSERT APPLICABLE TITLE] in exchange for a fair and honest review.” From there, say anything you want. Reviews can be as simple as I liked this book! or This book was out of genre for me, and I learned that I am not a fan of speculative mystery. In fact, brief reviews tend to be voted more helpful. Don’t pressure yourself to say something elegant.

* I deliver the book through BookFunnel, and you’ll need the app to listen. To listen, you need to consent to sharing your email address. I’m not out to spam you, and I will send weekly reminders to request reviews as well as try to bring added value to your experience, but feel free to unsubscribe after leaving a review if you feel spammed by lists.

If my four requirements don’t scare you off, email me at support@jodyjsperling.com and I’ll provide you a link for the free book. Let me know if you want book 1, The 9 Lives of Marva DeLonghi, or book 2, The 8 Ball Magic of Suzie Q.

And that’s all, folk. Lotsa love


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