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  1. 4. Making yourself your own DIY project with Debi Carlin Boyle Diane Gilman 35:25

In this episode of the Too Young to be Old podcast, host Diane Gilman is joined by nutrition and health coach Debi Carlin Boyle, an aging young expert who emphasizes the importance of longevity with quality. The episode covers a range of topics related to aging, longevity, and quality of life.

Aging Young

Debi Carlin Boyle emphasizes the importance of making lifestyle changes to maintain health and energy as one ages. This includes addressing everything that feeds us in life, including food, movement, and other things. She also mentions the concept of bio-individuality, where there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellness. “Your food could be my poison, my food could be your poison” Debi says. 

Hormones and Diet Confusion

Debi discusses the impact of hormones on health and how they change as we age. She also talks about the confusion around diets and the need to craft one’s own life in this stage of life. 

Diane speaks about how the cancer she had was hormonal so she has had to cut out a lot of foods that alter hormones in the body such as dairy. She doean’t see it as restrictive though and mentions that if she had to choose between eating a big glob of mozzarella or having loads of energy, she would choose the latter.

The Importance of Drinking Water 

Debi Carlin Boyle emphasizes the importance of drinking water and suggests drinking half your body weight in pounds in ounces. So for example if you weigh 120 lb you would drink 60 oz of water per day. She suggests putting lemon or cucumber in the water if people struggle to drink plain water. Much to Diane’s disappointment she says that sparkling water does not count as part of your daily water.  

The 5 Blue Zones

Debi mentions the five blue zones in the world where centenarians live and attributes their longevity to their diet, community, social life, and passion.

Tips for Longevity with Quality

Debi shares her tips for longevity with quality, including creating a goal, working backwards to see what things need to change, and finding a support group if needed. She also suggests Googling what you should do for longevity. 

Debi’s details

The best place to find Debi is on her website balancedlifebydebi.com. 
Connect with Diane

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Diane Gilman Too Young To Be Old with Diane Gilman

A fashion rule-breaker with millions of loyal fans, the charismatic pearl-haired, “Queen of Jeans,” Diane Gilman is 78 years young and embracing aging instead of fighting it. An inspiration for women embracing their third act, Diane is The top Tele-retailing brand globally who is just getting started, and not unlike many women’s stories, recognition for Diane came later in life with the launch of her DG2 Jeans line on HSN which has become the top tele-retailing brand globally, over $100 million dollars a year in retail sales domestically, could be seen on QVC UK, Italy, France, Australia & Canada. Her latest book, “Too Young to be Old,” is another compelling take on conquering life’s challenges and harnessing one’s own power to live a “third act” filled with dream-catching and fulfillment.

After 30 years of experience in front of the camera connecting with the baby boomer audience on television, Diane has set out to become a proaging advocate and a "Silver-haired Influencer". Through social media, YouTube and the launch of her podcast, Too Young To Be Old, Diane's goal is to educate and inspire the 50+ community in a range of lifestyle topics such as nutrition, health & wellness, fashion, beauty & skincare, and any other topics covering aging solutions.