1. 22. Aging Unapologetically and Navigating Life’s Transitions with Ellen Rothstein Diane Gilman 37:47

Host Diane Gilman learns about navigating life’s transitions with life transition coach Ellen Rothstein. They explore the challenges and transformations that come with age and how to handle them, the impact of ageism in the workplace, and strategies for embracing change.

Ellen shares her wisdom gained from personal experiences and her work with clients, friends, and family. She highlights the profound connection between identity and career, emphasizing the importance of understanding who you want to become before embarking on a significant transition.

Radical Lifestyle Change After 50 

Diane and Ellen discuss the radical lifestyle changes that often occur after the age of 50 or 55. They delve into the challenges of career changes, the impact of aging out of careers, and the emotional aspects of these transitions.

Ageism in the Workplace

Diane and Ellen have both experienced ageism in the workplace. Ellen notes experience is undervalued and companies often prioritize younger workers. Ellen shares how people can inadvertently reveal their age through cultural references, potentially affecting their credibility as workers.

How to Get Through It All

Diane and Ellen explore strategies for successfully navigating these transitions. They discuss the importance of aligning your values with your career path and the trade-offs that might come with it. Ellen emphasizes that finding happiness in what you do often outweighs a high paycheck.

Healthy Body Image

Diane opens up about her personal struggles with body Image during Menopause, and Ellen provides insights on how to love your body. She emphasizes the significance of appreciating who you are from the inside, ultimately enhancing how you feel about your external appearance.

Embracing Change and Transition

Ellen shares her nightly ritual of acknowledging what went well each day, helping her maintain a positive outlook. She breaks down steps with her clients to make transitions more manageable, especially for those who may feel like they have an empty vessel after Retirement.

Identify, Prioritize, Implement

Ellen’s mantra of “Identify, prioritize, implement” serves as a guiding principle throughout the episode as well as in her work. She emphasizes that the duration of transitioning varies from person to person and can be influenced by the nature of the change and individual personality.

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Diane Gilman Too Young To Be Old with Diane Gilman

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