1. 18. Aging with Purpose: Unlocking the Joy, Love And Compassion in the Third Act with TK Mitchell Diane Gilman 35:21

Motivational speaker and certified holistic wellness coach, TK Mitchell delves deep into the world of integrative wellness and inspired-aging in this empowering episode of Too Young To Be Old podcast. Together with host Diane, they explore the keys to being well enough to enjoy your third act in life and defy societal expectations surrounding aging.

The Power of Integrative Wellness

TK Mitchell starts by emphasizing the need to experience love, joy, and lead a purpose-fulfilling life. She stresses the importance of integrative wellness and reveals that mindset is central to this. Letting go of perfectionism and control, along with cultivating confidence, are vital components.

Challenging Societal Perceptions

Diane shares that she feels frustrated at times for not being able to do things as well as she used to. TK weighs in, pointing out how society often fails to appreciate age, leading women to internalize negative perceptions. She urges mature women to recognize that they are not done yet; this phase of life is a unique opportunity to align with passions and gain a perspective younger generations don’t possess.

Unleashing the Potential of Baby Boomers

Diane underscores the fact that Baby Boomers are the largest generation on Earth but are often silent. TK emphasizes that the experiences mature women have accumulated are assets that can be used to change the world. She shares her personal journey of transitioning from a public school teacher to her current role, driven by her mission to reshape society’s views on aging.

The Challenge of Finding Role Models

TK acknowledges that the scarcity of role models for older women makes it difficult to navigate the third act of life. Societal expectations can be daunting, leading some to disconnect from their inner child and withdraw from life’s possibilities. Diane adds that embracing technology can be a game-changer for mature women, offering avenues to connect, stay informed, and entertained.

Taking Charge of Wellness

TK and Diane speak about the importance of looking after your wellness. TK shares her experience of going through Menopause and suddenly facing health issues like unexplained weight gain, elevated lipid levels, and osteopenia. Doctors dismissed these issues as part of aging, but TK sought help from a naturopath who identified multiple food allergies as the root cause. Through natural methods, she successfully reversed her health issues, including the bone density problems.

Mindset Transformation to Gratitude

Diane emphasizes the importance of changing one’s mindset to gratitude, especially in the face of health challenges. TK underscores the significance of living with gratitude and awareness.

Raising the Standard for Aging

TK passionately advocates for raising the standard for aging, tackling mindset and community-building to help women shed negative attitudes towards aging. She envisions a world where the negativity surrounding aging can be transformed for the better.

Living a Purpose-Driven Life

TK speaks about the importance of having purpose in your third act. Diane says she realized she needed to realign with what her purpose is after overcoming cancer. 

TK reveals how she transitioned from teaching to becoming a certified holistic wellness coach, guided by her spirituality. She says that her Coaching incorporates spirituality at its core.

The Secret Sauce of Sustainable Living

TK outlines her core life principals: nourishing the body, regular fitness, sleep, good relationships, a comfortable living space, giving back to society, and pursuing interests and passions. However, she emphasizes that these are not sustainable without the secret sauce: love and compassion, thoughts and words, trust and belief, courage and passion, integrity, faith, and enthusiasm.

Intentional Living

Diane calls this holistic approach to life “intentional living,” encapsulating the essence of living life to the fullest, especially during the third act.

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