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  1. 13. Reversing Aging with Infinite Health’s Dr Trip and LeNae Goolsby Diane Gilman 33:53

Can the aging process be reversed? This week Diane speaks to two people who work in the field of Reverse Aging. Dr. Trip Goolsby and LeNae Goolsby are founders of Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center. Through their unique approach to health and aging they’re redefining the concept of reversing the clock on aging.

Optimizing Health and Reversing Age at Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center

Diane dives into the core philosophy of Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center. Dr. Trip Goolsby, an experienced physician, shares how their center offers a comprehensive and integrative approach to healthcare. He emphasizes that aging is a natural process that starts as early as 25 and leads to organ deterioration and toxic changes. Genetic testing at the center helps patients understand their biological age and potential for chronic diseases.

Exploring Regenerative Medicine and Hormone Replacement

The conversation turns to regenerative medicine and hormone replacement therapies. Diane opens up about her personal experience with Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and how it made her feel rejuvenated until she had to discontinue it due to cancer. She mentions the positive impact of hormone replacement on her overall well-being.

The Mind-Body Connection and Holistic Assessment

LeNae Goolsby discusses the mind-body connection, one of the pillars of their holistic approach. She highlights the importance of focusing on positive goals and clarifying desires rather than dwelling on negatives. LeNae elaborates on their comprehensive assessment process, tailoring health plans based on individual benchmarks rather than comparing to others.

Beyond Surface Level: The Depth of Reverse Aging

Diane emphasizes the depth of Infinite Health’s approach, extending beyond superficial treatments like Botox. She acknowledges the evolving landscape of reverse aging and how it encompasses a holistic transformation.

Bio-Identical Hormones and Alternative Solutions

Diane inquires about bio-identical hormones, and Dr. Trip Goolsby explains the potential benefits of HGH and other solutions like peptides. He delves into the distinction between HGH and peptides, highlighting that the body has better control over the growth when peptides are used..

Think and Live Longer: The Power of Belief and Holistic Principles

Trip and LeNae discuss their book, Think and Live Longer. They unpack the principles, particularly “She can who believes she can,” emphasizing the power of positive belief in achieving health goals.

Challenges and Advancements in Regenerative Medicine

Diane shares her experience with HCL knee treatments. Trip talks about some other, more effective procedures such as PRP as well as his preferred methods  like Wharton’s jelly and exosomes. LeNae highlights the limitations of insurance coverage for these treatments and the complex decisions patients and insurance companies face.

The Paradigm Shift: Holistic Approach to Medicine

LeNae explains the gradual shift towards holistic and integrative medicine, driven by increasing demand for a comprehensive approach. They discuss how this change will lead to more accessible options for regenerative and integrative treatments.

Revolutionizing Brain Health and Aging

The conversation moves on to Infinite Health’s treatments for degenerative neurological diseases using biological nanoparticles (stem cell particles). They mention the potential therapeutic avenues for improving brain health in aging patients.

Trip and LeNae’s details

Book: Think & Live Longer: Harnessing the 12 Secret Laws of the Universe for Optimized Health and Life

Website: www.yourinfinitehealth.com

Podcast: Your Infinite Health: Anti Aging Biohacking, Regenerative Medicine and You

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