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June 27th, 2024 Mature Content

"Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Multifaceted Life of Donovan Campbell"

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  1. "Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Multifaceted Life of Donovan Campbell" Vickie Poole 50:32

In this episode, the host introduces Donovan Campbell, an author, gospel recording artist, and creativity and life coach from Jamaica, now living in Canada. Donovan discusses his journey from Jamaica to Canada, motivated by his relationship with his wife. He touches upon his various ventures, including writing three books, his passion for music, and his role as a creativity and life coach. The conversation delves into the challenges and excitement of long-distance relationships, the process of writing and publishing books, and the importance of setting goals and maintaining discipline. Donovan also shares his vision for the future, aiming to inspire and empower thousands through his work. Listeners are encouraged to follow Donovan on his social media platforms and explore his motivational content.

00:00 Introduction to Donovan Campbell

02:35 Journey from Jamaica to Canada

03:12 Long-Distance Love Story

05:51 Musical Journey and Publications

11:37 Coaching and Creativity

18:14 Writing and Publishing Process

26:19 Learning to Write and Record Music

27:10 Becoming an Author

27:20 Collaborating with My Wife

28:27 My Wife’s Inspirational Journey

32:48 Coaching and Future Aspirations

35:49 The Impact of COVID on Coaching

42:06 Family and Writing Legacy

44:06 Finding Joy in Helping Others

45:52 Final Thoughts and Contact Information

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I am a Transformation Coach, Hypnotist and Podcaster. I guide people to step into their brilliance by transforming their beliefs and behaviors so that they can succeed in life, love and business. I have a free FB group called Stand Up And Stand Out . Its a community of people who are ready to let their brilliance shine!

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