Join us this Self-Development Sunday as host Brittani Starr from The Zarlequan Podcast welcomes two inspiring guests, Sara Troy and Karin Cooper, for a deeply Moving and empowering conversation. Sara Troy, a podcaster, host, and coach renowned for sharing her vast knowledge in self-development, is here to guide listeners toward a more fulfilling life through personal growth. Alongside her is Karin Cooper, author of "My Abusive Relationship," sharing her powerful story of survival and Resilience.

Sara Troy:

Sara Troy, a true expert in the field of self-development, provides invaluable insights into the journey of personal growth. She helps listeners navigate the path to a more fulfilling life by offering wisdom and guidance accumulated over years of podcasting and Coaching. Her expertise is the perfect complement to Karin Cooper’s story of overcoming adversity.

Karin Cooper:

Karin Cooper, an Internal Guidance System coach with a heart for the Neuro-Diverse, takes us on a journey from darkness to clarity with flow and ease. She shares her gripping story of survival and Resilience captured in her book, "My Abusive Relationship." This poignant tale tells the story of a teenage girl who marries a violent man she barely knows and her struggle with taboos, internal battles, and the relentless pursuit of freedom.

In this candid and unflinching conversation, Karin bravely reveals the daily mental, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse she endured, as well as how her abuser gained complete isolation and control, leaving deep scars that still affect her a decade later. Her story highlights the unfortunate commonality of such experiences and the pressing need to break the silence surrounding them.

Join us for this essential episode of self-development and empowerment, where Sara Troy shares her vast knowledge to help guide listeners toward a more fulfilling life through personal growth, and where we learn from Karin Cooper’s incredible journey.

Tune in this Self-Development Sunday at 2pm on Self Discovery Wisdom Podcast Network with host Brittani Starr from The Zarlequan Podcast.

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