1. NEVER be Codependent again with coach Alyssa Zander The Zarlequan Indie-Verse 15:29

Join host Brittani Starr in the Empowerment Zone, Unleash Your Potential segment of The Zarlequan Indy-Verse. In this episode, she’s joined by the inspiring Alyssa Zander, an author and codependency relationship coach. Alyssa shares her journey from codependency to healing, empowerment, and self-discovery. Her book, ‘Healing the Mother Wound with Mother Nature,’ takes you on a poetic exploration of life’s darkest moments and the path to self-discovery. Discover how Alyssa’s work is transforming the lives of women and inspiring them to break free from codependency. Don’t miss this empowering conversation that’s sure to leave you with a fresh perspective on relationships and self-worth.
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Website: https://stan.store/alyssaaazander this has Alyssa’s current offers and all my social links too
IG: @alyssaaazander
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