1. Empowering Entrepreneurs: Financial Wisdom and Business Visibility Strategies The Zarlequan Indie-Verse 48:01

Join Brittani Starr in an insightful dual conversation featuring two remarkable entrepreneurs revolutionizing their respective fields. In the first segment, Brittani welcomes Kristine Stevenson, a personal finance expert, IRS Enrolled Agent, and author committed to simplifying tax complexities for self-employed individuals and gig workers. Kristine shares wisdom from her book, ‘How to Avoid Trouble with the IRS,’ offering essential tax tips crucial for indie creators navigating the IRS landscape.
Transitioning seamlessly, Brittani sits down with Diamond of Diamond Drip Consulting, an expert in amplifying the visibility of health and wellness professionals, life coaches, and healers. Their conversation delves into the art of speaking effectively and employing automation strategies to cultivate business visibility while nurturing Self-Care practices for entrepreneurs. Diamond provides valuable insights and transformative strategies to help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals while maintaining their well-being.
Tune in for a power-packed episode as these incredible guests share their expertise, offering essential advice and transformative strategies for indie creators navigating financial landscapes and maximizing visibility in their industries
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