1. Advocacy, Editing, and Empowerment with Kelly Helmick and Melissa Griffiths The Zarlequan Podcast 53:46

In this captivating episode of The Zarlequan Podcast, hosted by the visionary Brittani Starr, founder of Zarlequan, we embark on a transformative journey with two remarkable guests: Melissa Griffiths, a fierce advocate for transgender rights and inclusion, and Kelly Helmick, a passionate indie author editor. Brad Schuhler steps in as guest host for the Melissa Griffiths
Melissa Griffiths: A Champion of Transgender Rights
Melissa Griffiths takes center stage, sharing her inspiring personal journey that led her to become a passionate advocate for transgender rights and inclusion. Unveiling the tapestry of her life, Melissa delves into overcoming profound challenges, showcasing Resilience that has become the hallmark of her path. As a catalyst for change, Melissa’s contributions extend to diverse realms, from horse racing clubs to cricket associations, where she champions gender identity policies and guidelines for inclusion. Offering invaluable insights, Melissa unveils the strategies behind her effective diversity and inclusion consultancy work, providing a roadmap for creating inclusive workplaces for transgender individuals.
Kelly Helmick: Elevating Authorship Through Expert Editing
Kelly Helmick steps into the spotlight, narrating her journey as an editor and unveiling her unwavering passion for guiding authors to refine their literary creations. In the world of writing, where vulnerability meets creativity, Kelly’s expertise shines. She shares her secrets to ensuring authors feel comfortable and confident during the editing process, nurturing their work while maintaining its integrity. With precision and care, Kelly sheds light on the intricacies of line editing, from sentence structure to pacing, enriching authors’ storytelling prowess. As an advocate for the power of collaboration, Kelly demystifies the journey of a writer collaborating with an editor, dispelling hesitations and illuminating the immense value it brings.
A Symphony of Insightful Conversations
Throughout this episode, Melissa Griffiths and Kelly Helmick engage in candid conversations that traverse a spectrum of thought-provoking topics. From the misconceptions surrounding gender identity and LGBTQIA+ issues to envisioning the future of diversity and inclusion, they explore the very essence of societal transformation. Through empowering anecdotes, they reveal the impact of their mentorship, advocacy, and guidance, uplifting individuals and businesses alike.
Empowerment Through Diversity and Craftsmanship
As the episode unfolds, it becomes clear that Melissa and Kelly exemplify empowerment in two distinct yet complementary realms. Melissa’s advocacy breaks down barriers, challenges norms, and fosters inclusivity, while Kelly’s editing prowess refines manuscripts, polishes narratives, and empowers authors to shine. Together, they inspire listeners to embrace challenges, champion growth, and create a world where voices are heard, stories are elevated, and positive change is nurtured.
Tune in to this episode of The Zarlequan Podcast, where deep conversations, personal growth, and advocacy intertwine, and where the power of transformation is celebrated through the journeys of two exceptional individuals.

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