1. CarBata and Logan Kraft debunk some of the myths of starting a business and "working hard" Will Young 55:36

Logan Kraft has been a friend of mine since our freshman year at Indiana Wesleyan University. He has taught me more than I can be thankful for within business, the positivity perspective, and being an uncondiotnal friend. He has a high moral value and believes fully in supporting his word and getting things done. He averages 70-80 hours of work a week and is currently building a small business from the ground up with an essential team of executives. He joined Carbata with a friend of his and has been learning everything to do with carwashes and interior detailing for their mobile car wash app that brings an “Uber” or “DoorDash” way of getting your car washed. it is super easy to use, affordable, and grants a free first wash!             https://carbata.com/

Logan also talks about the importance of reaching out and asking questions to receive help and practice assertiveness within conversation. He is a big proponent of leveraging the “Baby Boomers” leaving the business world and trying to give us as much help from their experience. He speaks about passion for your work and enjoying the journey of a career. Logan also references identifying success within your career, through habits and systems that help you grow consistently. 

YBP Ep. 10 Fun Fact:

working an extra 10 percent per week grants you 40% more financial return. this is what is called a nonlinear return. Why? Because even those who work hourly jobs are working an extra 10 percent (4-5 hours) they eventually figure out how to spend those hours in the most efficient way. for example: If I work for a lawn care company 40 hours per week, but instead of working my 4 extra hours for that same company I find 4 new customers and service them on my own. I am making $50 dollars per lawn instead of $12 for an hour of work on a lawn that my company services. this will also show if you chose to work overtime aswell. You may find yourself getting a promotion or desirable position change within the first 6 months. (thus rasing your income and yielding the 40% higher return.)  “you get better at what you spend time on” -Logan Kraft.

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