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Unlocking the Healing Power of Scalar Light – Tom Paladino EP 317 – audio

  1. Unlocking the Healing Power of Scalar Light - Tom Paladino EP 317 - audio peterwrightsyakkingpodcast 26:50

In this episode of the Yakking Show, we are thrilled to welcome Tom Paladino, a pioneering researcher and humanitarian dedicated to spreading the transformative benefits of Scalar Light healing. Join us as Tom dives into the science and applications of Scalar Light, exploring how it can alleviate anxiety, combat depression, and aid in weight loss. Discover the future of holistic healing and how Scalar Light can enhance your well-being.

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01:15                     What is scalar light

03:20                     Healing with force fields

05:50                     The laws of science

06:50                     Scalar energy transcends time and space

08:00                     Tom’s programs

11:15                     How to select the right program

15:00                     Nicoa Tesla’s star powered car

16:20                     Results

18:20                     Weight loss

20:30                     Anxiety and depression

21:40                     Cancer & DNA

22:40                     Animals – the healthy kangaroo

24:50                     Christian principles

25:00                     Arc of The Covenant

25:20                     Contact Tom

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In March 2020 at the start of the global disruption caused by the coronavirus, we wanted to do something to fill the gap caused by the sudden end of live networking events and to lighten the dark mood that had settled on the world.

We wanted to create conversations with expert business guests that would enlighten, empower and entertain our audience.

In late 2003, with almost 3 years, over 300 episodes of experience and feedback from you our audience, we started a second channel “Harmony: Your Path To Wholeness” to focus on health and fitness.

This new direction has been so well received that it will now be our main focus.

All our business episodes will remain available on all the main video and audio podcast platforms and our website.

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