1. A phycology student was run over by a car, and his life changed forever, but Joe Reidy overcame the odds to survive. Amanda Blackwood presents: The Trauma Survivors 18:58

Joe was eighteen-years-old and two weeks into college studying to become a psychologist, when a nursing student changed his life in the blink of an eye. For a series of seven years, Joe experienced mini-seizures, and finally two massive Grand Mal seizures on Christmas day 2019, during which he flat-lined. Joe has died three times so far in his life, and his struggle to overcome the nightmare he found himself in has been nothing less than harrowing. He had to give up on his college dreams, redirect his life, learn to speak all over again, and (with the help of inventor Ross Lilley), he’s continuing his rehab in learning to walk once more. Joe’s book “My Nightmare… And How I Woke From It” has been helping so many other people, but he’s gone beyond that, too. This amazing young man and his father teamed up for some original music on YouTube. I’ve included the links below. The music is set to a slideshow and you can watch Joe’s journey yourself. 

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Check out the ORIGINAL music and slideshows he and his father put together! 

What Love Can Be: https://youtu.be/dmLGEPNxiMA

One More Turn: https://youtu.be/NBeU7EJowVc

Norm Reidy’s music can be found at: https://normanreidy.bandcamp.com/


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Amanda Blackwood is an accomplished artist and author, public speaker, podcast host, trauma recovery mentor and a survivor of human trafficking. A portion of every book sale goes to help fight human trafficking. Amanda lives in Denver, Colorado with her rescue cats and supportive husband who keep her sane.