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July 9th, 2024

Season 12-Episode 181-Transformative Parenting: Empowering Your Autistic Child with Confidence and Compassion featuring Andrea Pollack

  1. Season 12-Episode 181-Transformative Parenting: Empowering Your Autistic Child with Confidence and Compassion featuring Andrea Pollack Sara Gullihur-Bradford aka SJ Childs 44:14

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What if you could transform your approach to parenting an autistic child while shedding the burden of guilt and frustration? Join me for an illuminating conversation with Andrea Pollack, a former lawyer turned autism educator and coach, who shares her compelling journey from the legal field to homeschooling her autistic son and founding Autism Parent Solutions. Andrea’s insights are not only eye-opening but also incredibly actionable, focusing on problem-solving strategies and the critical importance of reducing parental guilt. We discuss the multifaceted challenges of homeschooling and navigating the post-COVID landscape, emphasizing the need for recognizing individual progress and creating social opportunities that align with a child's unique interests.

Building a strong parent-child connection is at the heart of our discussion. Andrea and I delve into the significance of self-regulation, realistic expectations, and the powerful impact of prioritizing support over punishment. With practical examples like the engaging game “Ready, Set, Go,” we uncover effective ways to communicate and interact with children. We also tackle the delicate balance between discipline and support, offering constructive methods that both guide and uplift your child. This chapter is packed with actionable advice and relatable anecdotes that will resonate with any parent striving to create a nurturing environment for their autistic child.

Our conversation also explores the evolving perspectives within the autistic community and the importance of listening to the diverse experiences of autistic individuals. Andrea emphasizes the need for parents to build their understanding and confidence, while also remaining open to new therapeutic approaches. We wrap up by highlighting the resources available through Autism Parent Solutions, including community support on Facebook and personalized Coaching opportunities. If you're a parent looking to enhance your understanding and support for your autistic child, this episode is a treasure trove of information and encouragement. Tune in to discover how you can transform your parenting journey with confidence and compassion.

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Sara Bradford Podcaster, aka SJ Childs

Sara Bradford is an Autistic woman and advocate and is the CEO of SJ Childs LLC, an autism consulting business to support families. She is a member of the Autism Council of Utah and also the owner of FB Autism Advocates Support Group. She is a mother of 2, and her husband and kids are also on the autism spectrum. She is a Global Autism Speaker, as well as a Podcast Host-The SJ Childs Show Podcast. She continues to strengthen her community through local university and hospital Autism partnerships, police training, corporate autism training programs, and more. Sara is a children's book author, pen name SJ Childs. Subjects such as autism, dyslexia, physical differences, anxiety, and more. Helping children understand themselves and support their peers with neurodiverse needs. Encouraging love and inclusion in every situation.

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