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Riderflex Podcast – Guest Interview #442 – Jacqueline & Alexa Child

  1. Riderflex Podcast - Guest Interview #442 - Jacqueline & Alexa Child Steve Urban 53:50

Jacqueline and Alexa Child, Dateability | The Riderflex Podcast

Alexa and Jacqueline Child are the dynamic duo behind Dateability, a dating app born from personal experiences and a shared vision for inclusivity. Alexa, a graduate of College of the Holy Cross and Georgetown University Law Center, has dedicated her career to public service as a public interest attorney. Her love for hiking, skiing, cooking, and binge-watching TV reflects her vibrant Colorado lifestyle. Jacqueline, whose life was profoundly impacted by chronic illnesses during her teenage years, navigated the challenges of dating with a disability, which fueled her passion for creating a supportive platform. She holds a degree in Psychology from Colorado College and a master’s in Family and Human Development. Jacqueline enjoys playing music, volunteering at an animal shelter, and spending time with her family and dog, Luna. Together, they leveraged their unique backgrounds and personal experiences to co-found Dateability, aiming to foster understanding and connections among individuals with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Dateability is a pioneering dating app dedicated to serving the disabled and chronically ill communities, offering a safe and inclusive space where individuals can form meaningful connections free from ableism. Founded with a mission to make love accessible to all, Dateability caters to people with physical, intellectual, and psychiatric disabilities, as well as LGBTQ+ individuals. While able-bodied and non-disabled users are welcome, they must adhere to the app’s core values of respect, inclusion, and support for the disabled and chronically ill community. Dateability is a free platform, open to people of all genders and sexual orientations, fostering an inclusive and supportive dating experience for everyone.

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