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Sonja Price Founder, Dynamo Careers | The Riderflex Podcast

Sonja Price is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of career development. As the Chief Career Strategist and Founder of Dynamo Careers, she has turned her own career journey into a playbook for others seeking professional growth. From her early days of realizing the importance of negotiating pay to her strategic career pivots, Sonja has always had an innate ability to recognize and seize opportunities. Her journey wasn’t without its challenges; she faced underpayment, job dissatisfaction, and even career setbacks after earning her Master’s degree. However, her Resilience and strategic thinking led her to not only climb the corporate ladder but also to make significant leaps in her income with each career move. Sonja’s expertise isn’t just theoretical; it’s hard-won through years of navigating the corporate maze. She has mastered the art of self-rebranding, salary negotiation, and career transition, skills she now passionately imparts to her clients.

Dynamo Careers, founded in 2006 by career dynamo Sonja Price, is a transformative career development platform that empowers individuals to achieve both fulfilling work and a joyous life. Utilizing a holistic and sustainable approach, the firm specializes in a range of services from Identity Discovery and Resume Writing to Salary Negotiation and On-going Career Management. At the heart of Dynamo Careers is the philosophy of self-discovery, self-promotion, and, above all, authenticity. Through tailored workshops and individual Coaching sessions, Sonja and her team equip clients with the strategic planning tools they need for career and life satisfaction. The firm is not just about finding a job; it’s about turning setbacks into setups for monumental successes, helping clients achieve even greater milestones than Sonja did in her illustrious career.

Meet DYNAMO CAREERS: https://dynamocareers.com/

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