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Emily Morris, Founder & CEO, Emrgy | The Riderflex Podcast

Emily Morris is the dynamic Founder & CEO of Emrgy Inc., a pioneering energy technology firm revolutionizing distributed power generation through modular hydropower systems. Since its inception in 2014, Emily has garnered over $7 million in funding, positioning Emrgy as Georgia’s Top Startup in 2017. Under her leadership, Emrgy achieved milestones such as being the inaugural company inducted into Atlanta’s Innovation Center and securing the first equity investment from the City of Atlanta. With a rich background from AMT, Inc., where she managed a $10 million portfolio for tech innovations, Emily is also recognized as an inventor with 5 patents pending. A Vanderbilt University alumna, she was honored as “Top 30 Under 30” by the Atlanta Business Chronicle in 2015. Beyond her corporate achievements, Emily’s commitment to community shines as she serves on the board for Blue Skies Ministries and volunteers at the City of Refuge women’s homeless shelter.

Emrgy is at the forefront of hydroelectric innovation, offering modular and scalable solutions that eliminate the need for the construction of dams. Their unique approach harnesses the consistent power of waterways, providing a more reliable energy source compared to intermittent alternatives like solar and wind. With the US market holding over 6GW of untapped potential, Emrgy has crafted a proprietary tool to identify and quantify this vast hydroelectric opportunity. Their turbine arrays allow customers to capitalize on the latent energy of existing waterways. Notably, Emrgy collaborated with the City of Atlanta and Southern Company in 2016 to demonstrate their product’s prowess and, in 2017, partnered with Denver Water & The Bureau of Reclamation to launch the US’s first distributed hydropower array.

Meet Emrgy: https://emrgy.com/

Watch the Full Interview: https://youtu.be/rDsYpOFWdcU

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