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Matt Holman, Founder, Commerce Catalyst, Autoship Cloud | The Riderflex Podcast

Matt Holman is a seasoned marketing professional whose journey began in a sign shop, where he developed a passion for the intersection of technology and design. This early experience taught him the invaluable lesson of tailoring messages to specific audiences, a skill he later honed in web design and digital marketing. In 2019, Matt transitioned into ecommerce, a field he loves for its constant innovation. He has worked at eHub, where he met his wife, Jordan Shields, and co-founded QPilot in January 2021. Beyond his professional roles, Matt excels at community building, leading initiatives like Marketers Unite, Sharehouse, and Commerce Catalyst to empower and educate others. He also runs Subscription Prescription, a content and community platform for e-commerce founders focusing on subscription-based businesses.

Autoship Cloud is a comprehensive plugin designed to streamline WooCommerce subscriptions, offering features like repeat orders, product subscriptions, and scheduled deliveries. Powered by QPilot, it’s free to connect and test and integrates seamlessly with over ten popular payment gateways. Once enabled, options like “Autoship and Save” or “Subscribe and Save” automatically appear on your product pages and cart, providing customers with a flexible subscription portal for managing repeat deliveries. The plugin also offers robust automation capabilities, including notifications via SendGrid, shipping rules, and inventory syncing. With its dynamic coupon offerings, shipping automation, and advanced reporting suite, Autoship Cloud is a scalable and customer-friendly solution for any WooCommerce store.

Meet Autoship Cloud: https://autoship.cloud/

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