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Mike Smith, Aclymate’s CEO, is a climate-tech innovator. As a Navy Commander and former FA-18 pilot, he combines his engineering background and environmental focus to develop carbon accounting software. Mike’s commitment to sustainability extends from his role at RenewWest, where he led the US’s largest reforestation effort. Outside work, he cherishes time with his family and enjoys backpacking, skiing, reading, and sailing.

Aclymate revolutionizes climate accounting for small and medium-sized businesses. Our free, user-friendly software utilizes accounting and behavioral data to guide businesses in reducing their climate footprint. By connecting to financial transactions and IoT devices, we provide tools for emissions reduction, offset purchasing, and employee engagement. At year-end, comprehensive reports are generated, and optional climate neutrality certifications are available. Join us in making climate action easy and affordable.

Meet Aclymate: https://aclymate.com/

Watch the Full Interview:  https://youtu.be/IA1Z7NV_9wQ

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