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Barak Zitron  CEO & Head of Design at MODL Outdoors, LLC | The Riderflex Podcast

Barak Zitron is back for his second appearance on the Riderflex Podcast, and he’s here to provide updates on all things MODL Outdoors. As a former Navy SEAL and the CEO of MODL Outdoors, Barak designs and produces innovative hydration and storage products for outdoor enthusiasts. His passion for entrepreneurship and the outdoors, fueled by his military background, has led to the success of his business.

MODL Outdoors is the perfect solution to the Clutter of bottles, hydration packs, filters, and other outdoor gear. Unlike most reusable bottles that only replace single-use plastic, MODL goes beyond that and replaces a multitude of products and their packaging. This provides a more adaptable and sustainable way for people to hydrate while enjoying the outdoors.

Overall, MODL Outdoors promotes sustainability and addresses the need for a more efficient and eco-friendly approach to outdoor hydration.

Meet MODL Outdoors, LLC: https://www.modloutdoors.com/

Watch the Full Interview: https://youtu.be/FR8sc3WtB_A

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