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Fall is my favorite season. But it’s also an adjustment as the days get shorter and darkness come earlier and earlier. The rhythm of daily life shifts. One of those adjustments can be sleep. Why not use the change of seasons as a catalyst to upgrade your sleep?

Dr. Raj Dasgupta knows how to tune up our sleep hygiene – and why it’s wise to invest in better sleep.

Dr. Raj joins us from Los Angeles.



Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Dr. Raj is Southern California’s Official Hometown MD practicing medicine at the University of Southern California (USC).  Dr. Raj’s life mission is to educate patients, students and aspiring doctors to better patient care.  Other than that, he’s just a regular dude.

Dr. Raj completed his Internal Medicine residency at Michigan State University, Pulmonary/Critical Care fellowship at Columbia University, Saint Luke’s & Roosevelt Hospital and Sleep Medicine fellowship at Henry Ford Hospital. During his training, Dr. Raj received numerous awards including: resident of the year, fellow of the year and the Director’s Award for research. After his training, Dr. Raj worked at Abington Hospital which is affiliated with Jefferson University where he received the faculty teacher of the year.

Dr. Raj is Currently a Professor at the University of Southern California (USC) and received the faculty teaching award for the last 3 consecutive years. He is quadruple board certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine and is an active clinical researcher and currently teaches USMLE Step 1, 2, 3, and Internal Medicine Board Review around the world for the past 15 years. His 1st book in a series titled “Medicine Morning Report: Beyond the Pearls” is published by Elsevier.

Dr. Raj currently appear on various media platforms and television shows such as the “The Doctors”, “Bill Nye Saves the World”, “ESPN”, “Larry King Now” and “You Can Do Better” for more information check out his websites:rajdasgupta.com and beyondthepearls.net


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Wise Quotes

On the Benefits of Good Sleep

“My opening line is always: Sleep affects every single organ in the body. So I always kind of throw the question right back at the host and say, you tell me what organ you want and I’ll tell you what it happens. Where are the big ones? I mean, we always think about the brain. We think the brain about in a medical sense, in a psychological sense. When we talk about having being sleep deprived or not getting good quality and quantity sleep, it adds things to depression. It adds to things like anxiety. It’s going to be a risk factor for things like stroke. So it’s horrible when we talk about the heart needless to say that when we talk about that poor quality and quantity sleep, yes, you’re going to be at a higher risk for things like coronary artery disease, things like heart failure, things like arrhythmias. And the way I kind of summarize it is that at nighttime, what happens to our blood pressure and our heart rate? Well, they tend to take a break. They tend to dip down a little bit so they could take the stress off the heart. It’s beating so hard during the day, but when you have poor sleep at night, you’re never giving your body a chance to rest, especially if you have undiagnosed sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea that affects 30 million people in the United States of America. Everyone has some kind of insomnia, but of course chronic insomnia with sleep deprivation is going to be horrendous.”

On Sleep & Our Immune Systems 

“When we talk about the body right now, I think what is important to bring it up is vaccines. With the winter coming up, we’re going to be pushing influenza. RSV has now become a vaccine that we’re getting more and more. If you’re immunocompromised and older in age…there were studies that show that when you get vaccine and you are sleep deprived, well maybe that vaccine may not work as much or as good as you want it to, which is kind of scary. And there were studies about that in the past. I know last winter all we talked about was the triple-demic, but now it’s not looking good for Covid this year. It’s going up there again. But getting good sleep affects your immune system. Whether we’re talking down at the cellular level and what happens when we talk about inflammatory proteins or just in general, how many times have you not had good sleep? Then you wake up with that little tickle in your throat, that little runny nose. So you want to do everything to keep you healthy. So to summarize what we just talked about, yes, sleep definitely affects what happens during the day.”

On Getting Good Quality Sleep

“My take home message is always going to be that sleep is so essential. Are you getting good quantity and good quality? You have to bring it up [with your doctor]. And sometimes I wish when I’m not wearing my Sleep hat, when I’m wearing my Pulmonary hat or General Internal Medicine hat, I wish I always remembered to bring up sleep, and sometimes I don’t. And that’s where you as a patient need to embrace that and mention it to your doctor so they could talk about your concerns and your questions. And then at least they can guide you in the right direction for some Cognitive Behavioral Therapy instead of just going right to Walmart or Walgreens…and picking up melatonin on the way out.”


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