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Who doesn’t want to retire happy? There’s no magic formula. You have to determine what the key ingredients are for you. But there are clues that can help you discern what will lead to happiness and satisfaction in your Retirement life. And one thing often leads to another. For Carol Colburn, a big one has been travel, and that’s led to new pursuits in writing and photography. She shares her insights on a longer list of the keys to a happy Retirement. Listen in. It just might unlock your ability to retire happy in your own way.

Carol joins us from Arizona.



Carolina Esguerra Colborn had a distinguished career in Philippine business before migrating to the US in 2004. She was former President/CEO of BayanTrade, e-procurement hub of the Philippines; Managing Director of SAP Philippines; Deputy Commissioner of the Bureau of Internal Revenue; General Manager of MegaLink, the ATM transaction switch of banks, and Vice-President of the Development Academy of the Philippines, the government consulting arm. She also worked for Andersen Consulting, IBM and NCR. Twice a recipient of the Most Powerful Women in IT Award, she represented the private sector in the National Information Technology Council.

Carolina settled in Seattle, Washington where her eldest daughter lived. While babysitting a grandson, she also taught as adjunct professor in business at Seattle Central Community College, Central Washington University, and Renton Technical College. She even volunteered at SCORE, the Service Corps of Retired Executives, as a small business counselor and lecturer on marketing.

In 2007, she met Bill Colborn and married him a year later. Soon he sold his business, and they embarked on a five-year cruise of North America in an RV. She not only soaked up great American sights in forty-nine American states, nine Canadian provinces, and six Mexican states, but also became deeply immersed in American culture and history. Within the cozy confines of a 350-sq. ft. motorhome, life lessons came as fast as scenes changed. In 2015 this epic journey was chronicled in her travel book Carolina: Cruising to an American Dream.

This year she released a handy booklet, Cruising in an RV. the basics you need to know, for those looking to start RVing. This will soon be followed by her second travel book, Cruising Past Seventy. It’s Not Only about Outer Journeys. It’s Also about Inner Ones. She continues to maintain a travel blog, Cruising Past 70, several posts of which also have been republished elsewhere. She also writes bimonthly for travelawaits.com, an online travel magazine. Bill and Carolina now use Phoenix, Arizona as a base for their travels within and outside the US. From there, she has traveled to thirty-eight countries.

She holds a BS in Mathematics, MBA, and DPA abd from the University of the Philippines.


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Wise Quotes

Establish Your Base

“So I had the one club a day and I had places to go for exercise, a fitness center, and a sauna and a steam bath. So it’s a base. It’s very important so that you don’t feel like you have to leave every day to be somewhere every day to be happy. No. So I’m happy when I’m here, resting and happy when we are traveling. So put a lot of thought into the base that you will choose.Then what are your interests? Because if this base does not even provide for your own interests, then it’s not a good base, right? So it’s the base plus the plus the interest and then working for others, because giving back, that is the last thing I discovered. I joined my alumni association and we are working on scholarships for Filipino scholars. So that’s what, so those four are consequences of the four essentials that you have. And that’s why I think I really have a very happy Retirement.”

You’re Much More Than Your Business Card

“My business card, my calling card before said Carol E, Colborn, President & CEO. Guess what? My calling card now says, Carol Colborn, Wonder Writer, Wife. I’ve changed so much. I really am no longer that. I’m a ghost of that. Nobody remembers that about me anymore. I really changed. And it is the inner journeys that helped me.”


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