1. Move: The New Science of Body Over Mind – Caroline Williams Retirement Wisdom 36:13

It’s time to move! Spring is here and its a great time to get more movement in your day-to-day life. Science journalist Caroline Williams shares insights from research on movement and the mind-body connection; why exercise is good, but not enough; and practical tips on ways to move more.

We discuss:

  •  How “long, ponderous dog walks”  led to this book
  • The compelling stats on how inactive people have become – and what’s behind those trends
  • The consequences of a more sedentary lifestyle
  • Why there’s much more to learn about walking than you may think
  • Is it the mind-body connection or the body-mind connection? Who’s driving the bus?
  • What she’s personally doing differently now because of what she learned in writing the book
  • The many ways that dancing for fun can help you
  • Some surprising benefits of stretching and yoga
  • Why focusing on the fundamentals like posture and smiling can make a big difference
  • Why going to the gym is good – but not enough.
  • Caroline’s advice on how to build more movement into your everyday life

Caroline Williams joins us from Surrey in the UK.



Caroline Williams is a science journalist and editor. A consultant for and regular contributor to New Scientist, her written work has also appeared in The Guardian, The Boston Globe, BBC Future, and BBC Earth, among others. She has worked as a radio producer and reporter for BBC Radio, and was the regular co-host of the New Scientist podcast from 2006 to 2010. She is the author of two books: Override: My quest to go beyond brain training and take control of my mind (published as My Plastic Brain in the USA), and Move: How the New Science of Body Movement Can Set Your Mind Free. She was also editor of the New Scientist Instant Expert Guide to the Brain. She holds a BSc in biological sciences from Exeter University and an MSc (Distinction) in Science Communication from Imperial College London. She lives in Surrey, UK.

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Wise Quotes
On Rest and Balance
“The interesting thing that I found about rest was that there’s all these studies and statistics about how little we’re Moving and that we’re spending all this time being sedentary. But there’s a parallel body of work on rest. And something like 60% of people that were surveyed came back and said they didn’t feel that they were getting enough rest.  So whatever we’re doing with all this sedentary time we’re not finding it particularly restful. So to be able to to move and have the energy to do what you need to do , you have to rest. They’re two sides of the same coin. One interesting thing to to remember with rest is it doesn’t necessarily have to involve being sedentary. Rest can be running up a hill if it allows you to forget what’s going on in your life and and come back feeling happy and exhausted. So I think rethinking rest is a partner to movement.”
On Movement Snacks
“So it’s not simply a case of sort of getting out of bed, sitting at your desk for 4 hours, going for a mad run, and then coming back sitting for another 4 hours. It’s more about breaking up the sedentary time. It doesn’t have to involve anything particularly strenuous – just getting up Moving around. I met people who were interested in a form of movement where you move like a natural human. You carry, you climb, or you run. It’s all kinds of sort of  animal/human base exercise. And they have this thing they call movement snacks. So you get up every 20 minutes and you do some crawling around the room or you hang from your door frame or you lift something. And it doesn’t have to be that prescribed – just make time during the day to shift position and move around. Go downstairs and go upstairs. Make sure you’re stretching for things in a high cupboard rather than climbing on the nearest chair. Just make a more conscious effort to get more movement into your day – little and often – rather than guilting yourself into yet another form of exercise or yet another so class that you feel that you should do.”
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