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Is it still possible to get in the best shape of your life? Joan MacDonald says yes. Five years ago, at 70, she wasn’t and was dealing with multiple heath challenges. But a dare from her daughter Michelle, a personal trainer, to train with her set her on a path toward fitness. Now 75, Joan is in a dramatically different place – much happier, healthier and more energetic. And she’s an inspiration for others to make the changes they want to make, with over 1.7 million followers on Instagram at @trainwithjoan.

Joan & Michelle MacDonald join us from Tulum, Mexico to discuss their book Flex Your Age.


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Joan MacDonald (@trainwithjoan) is a 75-year-old Instagram fitness influencer who’s undergone a remarkable change in the last five years. She was on medication for high blood pressure and acid reflux; she had terrible edema in her ankles; her arthritis was extremely painful; and she had difficulty walking up and down stairs. Joan knew that if she continued on an unhealthy path that it might mean more health issues and more medications—and probably force her to move into a nursing home. But with the help of her daughter, Michelle, and The Wonder Women community, Joan was able to do much more than change her journey—she was able to help others on theirs.
Michelle MacDonald (@yourhealthyhedonista) has been Coaching women since 2012, beginning with athletes getting ready for competition on the natural bodybuilding stage. She also started Coaching women who wanted to have a major lifestyle change, working with them in what she terms “transformation groups.” These groups became so successful that Michelle couldn’t keep up with the demand and created a team of coaches for a program called The Wonder Women, which focuses on women’s health and fitness. Michelle’s most well-known client is, of course, her mom, Joan.


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Flex Your Age: Defy Stereotypes and Reclaim Empowerment by Joan MacDonald with Michelle MacDonald

The Wonder Women


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Wise Quotes

Michelle MacDonald On Beyond Dieting

“I think the difference, the real big thing, is the community and the athlete mindset. So getting clients off of that diet. They just want to lose weight, they just want to see the scale go down. Well, let’s talk about training, and get excited about that. Let’s get excited about the, how you’re putting meals together. So we teach macros. We’re not giving them this meal plan. We instead encourage them to craft their own meals, but following what protein, carbs and fat they want to aim at to have more balanced blood sugar. And so it’s this really amazing journey. And the the outcome is that the clients are  empowered, they’re educated, there’s a lot of self pride and there’s a lot of great bonding and great community. And so even after they stop the Coaching, they continue to stay in touch. They still have their own chat groups. Some of clients have these Slack groups where they’re on Slack together, it’s incredible. And they get together and go on holidays and it’s amazing. I love it.”


On Coaching Her Mother Joan MacDonald

“I used to have a story in my head that I wasn’t patient, but I was so invested in my Mom’s success. Getting her to get healthy again was of such paramount importance. My Mom was a fabulous mother. She spent a lot of time with me when I was young. She really encouraged me and was incredibly supportive. And so I was very invested in in getting my Mom back into fighting shape. The Mom that I remembered, the laughing Mom, the blue-eyed Mom, the beautiful Mom, the energetic Mom. She used to go on these crazy camping trips and hiking trips with me. And to see her struggling to get up the stairs, it was just heartbreaking. So I’m really grateful that I had the chance to coach her. And, she still surprises my husband or I to this day. The other day my clients were doing a splits challenge and my Mom is part of the What’s Ap chat, but she doesn’t say too much. She’s just like a little fly on the wall. And I went downstairs to get her progress photos. And she was kind of giggling and, Oh, Look at this, I did these splits. And I’m, I’m thinking, Oh, she joined the split challenge. My Mom is not naturally flexible, so I really wasn’t expecting much. And then she shows me that video on the phone and my jaw just about dropped the floor.”


Joan MacDonald on Getting Started

“Just keep Moving. If you can only go a block, go a block, then just a few more steps the next time. Just keep on adding to it until it feels really comfortable. The longer you go, the better it is. If you can get a companion, that’s great. It’s always nicer to share really. But if you have to go on your own, go on your own. I do, I do a lot of stuff on my own.”


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