1. Cooking Up a Storm in Retirement – Chef Dennis Littley Retirement Wisdom 30:19

We’ve been cooking more at home since the pandemic. Is it time to expand our menus? In his second act, Chef Dennis Littley shows people how to cook restaurant quality meals at home. He’s a good example of how you can take the skills and experience from your primary career and spin them in a new direction.

Dennis Littley joins us from the Garden State.



Dennis Littley is a retired chef and culinary instructor who is now living the dream working on his second career as a food and travel blogger, brand promoter and LiveStreaming show host and producer. Through his blog, Ask Chef Dennis – A Culinary Journey, as well as his social media channels, Dennis has amassed an impressive combined following of over 1.8  million.


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Ask Chef Dennis – A Culinary Journey



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Intro and Outro voiceovers by Ross Huguet.