1. Best of The Retirement Wisdom Podcast – On Successful Aging Retirement Wisdom 8:35

Is planning for successful aging part of your Retirement planning?

We’ve had the pleasure of talking with a number of experts who can help you be prepared to live well across your lifespan.

This mini-episode highlights key points you’ll want to think about and include in your planning.

You can listen to the full conversations here:

Alan Castel 

Helen Dennis 

Anna Dixon 

Daniel Levitin 


Retirement is a major life change, and it can be hard to know what to do next.

You’ve worked hard your entire career. Now that you’ll have time and freedom in Retirement, why not start doing the things you’ve always wanted?

Our Coaching program will help you design a new vision of your unique future – one that includes the things you want in life but never had time for before.

We’ll work with you to define success on your own terms – so that when it’s time to retire, you’re well prepared to live the life you’ve saved and invested for.

We help you design the life and/or the second career you want.

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Joe Casey Retirement Coach, Podcaster

Joe Casey is an Executive Coach and Retirement Coach who brings extensive experience navigating transitions from his coaching work with clients and from his own life and career. After a 26-year career in Human Resources with Merrill Lynch, Joe shifted gears and retired early at age 52 to become an executive coach. His executive coaching practice has been named as one of the Top 10 Leadership Development Consulting Companies for 2019 by HR Tech Outlook magazine. He now also works to help people design their lives following their corporate careers, helping them pursue second act careers or to successfully navigate their transition to retirement.