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Using Disney Vacation Club to Live in Florida in the Winter Months in Retirement with Derek DeBoer

  1. Using Disney Vacation Club to Live in Florida in the Winter Months in Retirement with Derek DeBoer Guidance Point Advisors, LLC. 1:18:33

Ep 097: When working with retirees, we often face the question – “Where do I want to live in Retirement?” This is something that we’ve discussed in previous episodes, but in this episode, we are taking a different angle. What if you could live in arguably the Happiest Place on Earth while in Retirement? Of course, we are talking about Disney! Is that even possible? On today’s episode, we discuss utilizing Disney Vacation Club (DVC) to accomplish just that! 

We are joined by a Disney Vacation Club Expert who has spent more than 20 years working in the world of Disney and Disney Vacation Club. Our guest has sold over $22 Million in Disney Vacation Club direct and over $42 Million in DVC Resale. He is also a 6-time DVC Leadership Circle Award Winner. Please welcome Derek DeBoer to the Retirement Success in Maine Podcast!


Welcome, Derek DeBoer! [5:02]

What drove Derek to work for Disney, and ultimately Disney Vacation Club? [17:23]

What are 3 not well-known things that everyone at Disney should experience? [25:06]

What did Disney learn from the perception of timeshares and how did it shape how Disney approached Disney Vacation Club? [30:57]

How do costs work throughout the life of the DVC contract? [35:14]

Are there better times than others to buy (especially on the resale market)? [45:06]

Rapid Fire! Quick questions about DVC Contracts. [53:57]

Can DVC Contracts be transferred/inherited and is that a good idea? [1:05:53]

How is Derek going to find his Personal Retirement Success? [1:10:25]

Episode Conclusion. [1:15:39]

Benjamin Smith Host, Retirement Success in Maine Podcast & Financial Advisor

Ben's focus with our clients is to direct the investments of their investable portfolios. In teaming with Curtis Worcester and Austin Minor, Ben combines his investment expertise from attaining the CFA Charter with Curtis & Austin's financial planning expertise to provide clients with the tools, confidence, and education to make informed decisions about their retirement. As Ben, Curtis, and Austin have a number of clients that are Northern Light Health employees, they've developed a specialty in serving clients in the healthcare field. You can read their "Employee Guide to the Northern Light Health Retirement Plans" here.

He has spent his entire career devoted to serving individual clients and institutions by developing and implementing investment strategies, setting portfolio structure, and providing the highest level of client service. He's passionate about helping clients maximize their savings and retirement income using the many financial planning and portfolio management tools available to Guidance Point consultants. Prior to working for Guidance Point Advisors, Ben worked for Acadia Trust, N.A., a subsidiary of Camden National Corporation, as Vice President, Portfolio Manager based in Bangor, Maine. Ben assumed responsibility for and oversight of over $300 million in client portfolios, including individuals, families, retirement plans, endowments, foundations, businesses, and trusts; and he served on the Company’s Investment Committee.

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