1. To All The Cars I Crashed Before Marty Young 23:54

This installment completes  loosely combined trilogy of tales told around the role of automobiles in the teen years of one Baby Boomer youth
Its content is self-evident from the title.
Auto Accidents will be reported and vehicles will be totaled. 
Hopefully both will provide cautionary warnings for listeners. 
Enjoy this telling, all the while realizing “better him than me”.. 😊

#indynostalgia, #60snostalgia, #50snostalgia

Marty Young Creator, Narrator & Host of The Primrose Chronicles podcast

Septuagenarian retired preacher with a retirement diversion of recounting his childhood & youth years living on the NE side of Indianapolis on Primrose Ave, during the 50’s & 60’s. A 30 minute weekly drop.