1. SHOTS, SHELTERS & THE RED SCARE - Part 1 Marty Young 25:09

This installment of THE PRIMROSE CHRONICLES is the first of two episodes in the series dealing with three societal fears that threatened the emotional well being of an entire nation because of the uncertain future  each potentially afforded American families. 
As somber as that sounds, the subjects are still viewed thru the limited understanding of the young narrator and host of the Chronicles. 
It does not wax philosophical or opinionated. That for other podcasts. 
TPC merely recalls the observations of one youth watching life change and unfold before him. 
It’s a valuable effort, offering a backdrop for others to recollect their own reactions. 
Hopefully it will be an entertaining one as well. 

Marty Young Creator, Narrator & Host of The Primrose Chronicles podcast

Septuagenarian retired preacher with a retirement diversion of recounting his childhood & youth years living on the NE side of Indianapolis on Primrose Ave, during the 50’s & 60’s. A 30 minute weekly drop.