1. 🎶Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow🎶 Marty Young 32:00

The first episode of season Two of TPC is a mix up of some of the winter activities the kids on Primrose, and particularly, the young Clan engaged in, enjoyed and endured when white stuff covered the yards, sidewalks & streets. 
Some are particular to them, but most could be found in the memories of many a Baby Boomer when recalling their youth and childhood. 
Take a listen & see how yours compares. 
But most of all, enjoy!
And blessings!

Marty Young Creator, Narrator & Host of The Primrose Chronicles podcast

Septuagenarian retired preacher with a retirement diversion of recounting his childhood & youth years living on the NE side of Indianapolis on Primrose Ave, during the 50’s & 60’s. A 30 minute weekly drop.