1. Walking Away From Your Dream Job with Jessica Yarbrough Ken Schmitt 38:47

Is your job like gum on your shoe? Then it’s time to scrape that sh*t off and walk away! Jessica Yarbrough left her “dream job” and embraced a non-traditional business model to become a successful growth strategist. It’s time to stop focusing on the what and start focusing on the why. Jessica shares her story and how you too can crush your business goals.

Ken asks Jessica: 

  1. Where did you grow up, and what made you decide to study international business?
  2. Your mom was a highly successful executive who blazed a trail in the male-dominated construction industry – what was that like growing up seeing and hearing her stories?
  3. What prompted you to travel worldwide and backpack in your early 20s?
  4. When did you know you wanted to start and run your own business (and what led to the decision to build a team vs. going alone)?
  5. Given how your mom motivated you, how transparent are you with your daughter about what you experience as a business owner?
  6. I love your YouTube videos and tutorials because you discuss values and alignment as the cornerstone of building a business. Where does that values foundation come from?
  7. What words/phrases would describe your personal and or professional philosophy? 
  8. You ran your own business, went in-house for three years at Elevate Digital, then went back to your business – why the change, and what were the pros and cons of working for someone else for those 4 years? 
  9. What are the most significant differences when working with different generations?
  10. What do you do outside of your search to stay balanced, and do you have any guilty pleasures?
  11. You have built a reputation for helping small businesses get ‘unstuck.’ Why do so many owners get stuck in the first place?
  12. Have you ever thought about writing a book?
  13. What is your approach to pushing through tough times and being in the moment?
  14. Is Resilience or perseverance more important?


About Jessica Yarbrough:

Jessica Yarbrough has quickly developed a reputation for being one of the best business strategists and marketing and sales consultants for entrepreneurs who want to sell high-value products and services. Her background is in international business, and she has built multiple companies.

Jessica is a genius at showing entrepreneurs how to build an expert platform, rapidly raise their value, build their credibility online, and attract high-paying clients. She travels the world teaching and inspiring entrepreneurs and helping them grow their influence and make the income and impact they desire.

Learn more at www.jessicayarbrough.com

Ken Schmitt Podcaster, Author, and CEO

Ken Schmitt has been recruiting for 26 years. A San Diego native, he grew up in an entrepreneurial household with a father who was a Jack in the Box franchisee for 25 years and a mother who left the accounting world to become a real estate agent.

In 1998, Ken answered an ad in the newspaper for a recruiting job and never looked back. After spending 9 years working for a local boutique firm, a large regional firm, and one of the world’s largest Executive Search firms, Heidrick & Struggles, he launched TurningPoint Executive Search in 2007 and now employs 7 professionals in a 100% remote work environment.

In 2023, Ken published “The Practical Optimist: An Entrepreneurial Journey Through Life’s TurningPoints” through Advantage Publishing. He also launched a new podcast of the same name, highlighting everyday people who are making an extraordinary impact on their families, their business, and their community.