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87. Against All Odds: From Surviving War to Global Peace Ambassador with Aimmee Kodachian

  1. 87. Against All Odds: From Surviving War to Global Peace Ambassador with Aimmee Kodachian Alethea Felton 1:00:13

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Aimmee Kodachian, a two-time global award winner and Global Woman Peace Ambassador, is celebrated for her work in empowering humanity. Her life story, marked by Resilience and triumph over extreme challenges including her survival during the Lebanese Civil War, serves as an inspiring testament to the human spirit. Tune in for an inspiring conversation that shows how one person's journey through adversity can light the way for others!

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Episode 87's Affirmation:
I deliberately find ways to grow and stretch and expand my life.

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Alethea Felton Podcaster, Motivational Speaker, & Transformational Coach

Alethea Felton is a dynamic motivational speaker, certified transformational coach, founder of Alethea Felton Coaching, LLC, and host of The Power Transformation Podcast. With 20 years of experience in the fields of both education and entrepreneurship, Alethea's mission is to help and empower professionals and leaders with chronic illness to live courageously, resiliently, and authentically so that they thrive beyond so-called limitations which hold them back from reaching their next personal or professional goal. In this way, they become the best version of themselves in order to create holistic, lasting life success.

Alethea's purpose-driven journey was ignited by her transformative personal experiences including overcoming severe childhood stuttering, navigating grief due to the deaths of close loved ones, and managing physical challenges related to living with Crohn’s Disease and a rare liver condition called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, (PSC). Furthermore, Alethea is a sought-after speaker who has presented for medical professionals, patients with chronic illness, patient advocacy groups, and new and veteran teachers, and she has guested on a variety of podcasts and online shows.

A native of Southeastern Virginia and former longtime Washington, DC resident, Alethea absolutely loves anything related to mermaids, and a huge part of her life is her enjoyment from being a cat mom to Buddy, her playful, cuddly short-haired American tabby.

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