1. 51- Side Road: Never Doubt Your Power Viking Dog Entertainment 43:31

On this very special “Side Road,” Eric opens up and talks about his dramatic weight loss and fitness transformation. He dropped over 60 pounds and completely reshaped his way of living. He talks about his motivation, what got him to the point where it was time for a change including a very personal loss, how he dropped the weight, rebuilt his body and where the mantra “Never Doubt Your Power” came from.


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The Open Highway is a long-form interview podcast hosted by Eric Paul Erickson. Bringing the discovery of the open road into the discourse of modern conversation. Much like the old days when we would sit down at a roadside diner and share a cup of coffee with a fellow traveler, The Open Highway brings conversation back to the world and allows us to learn about interesting topics and people.

Host Eric Paul Erickson is a former journalist with the Chicago Tribune‘s City News Bureau, the Roswell Daily Record and other newspapers and media outlets as well as an award-winning writer, performer and filmmaker.