1. 50- USMC Lt. Col. Ivan Ingraham, Putin’s Brain, Returning to Civilian Life, The Loch Ness Monster Returns, & More Bad Names! Viking Dog Entertainment 1:28:13

GUEST: Lieutenant Colonel Ingraham (Ret.) spent 24 years in the United States Marine Corps and served in Special Operations with deployments including Afghanistan, East Timor and Kuwait. He attended the Naval War College where he received his Master of Arts with distinction in National Security and Strategic Studies. He now writes as well as heading the training company Golden Compass. He and Eric discuss Ukraine, Russia and what might be going through Putin’s brain as well as tactics, deployment and returning to civilian life as a veteran.

Plus in the News:

Woman Names Child After Felony Crime, The First Loch Ness Monster Sighting of 2022

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Host Eric Paul Erickson is a former journalist with the Chicago Tribune‘s City News Bureau, the Roswell Daily Record and other newspapers and media outlets as well as an award-winning writer, performer and filmmaker.