1. The Current State Of Social Skills - MTP382 Scot McKay 51:45

Co-Hosts Zach Browman and Devon Ash (https://mountaintoppodcast.com/fluency) The guys from Social Fluency have teamed back up together after a lengthy hiatus, and they’re appearing here on the show for the first time. Zach and Devon have long been known as the go-to social skill experts in the world of men’s dating advice, so there’s nobody better to have on board for a full-on, no-holds-barred discussion of what it’s like out there socially in the real world nowadays. Not that many people are actually being social IRL at all, frankly. That’s a focal point of the discussion. Basically, we all agreed that there was a pre-COVID state of social skills, then COVID locked us all down, leading to a post-COVID state…and NOW a new and different one is upon us. Could this new fourth iteration of the social climate out there be the ‘new normal’? We sure hope not…and we’ll tell you why. And what about online dating and apps? Social media in general? What is going on between men and women nowadays…especially very recently compared to even, say…five years ago? How can it be that both men and women seem so angry and jaded, yet are reporting such loneliness at the same time? Are people finally fed up with ‘virtual’ everything? And could that be driving the recent uptick in doing in-field weekends focused on meeting women in real life? What really will be the next stage…and how can we as men make it a turn for the better rather than the worse? The most sobering part of the whole discussion is how often these guys and I have been arriving at similar conclusions–sometimes using the exact same words–despite not even having been in touch with each other lately. Get all the new goodies including Women And AI when you visit https://mountaintoppodcast.com


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Scot McKay Dating Strategist

Scot McKay has shared bad jokes with North Korean military officers, sipped coffee at Pablo Escobar’s home (served by his maid), survived a shark attack while surfing, held his breath as the pride of lions walked by his tent, and blitzed through California canyons with his knee on the double-yellow line at 140 mph. Yet somehow, he has also been referred to as the “sane one” on Twitter by Scott Adams, of all people.

But despite once being mobbed by the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, being able to back a 30′ travel trailer into its slot on the first try, and that time he beat the World Champion at his own sport (no details provided), he’s still the most objective and down-to-earth dating expert out there.

He’s also the most fluff-free fountainhead of original content in his field, if only because that’s what seventeen years of immersive geekery on the subject does for someone.

Scot’s wife Emily is his “proof of concept”, given that she’s just as sweet as she is smokin’ hot and still gets carded at her age. But you’ll never hear her brag about any of that, only Scot.

His show The Mountain Top has also been named a Top 10 Dating Podcast by DatingAdvice.com, and a long time ago Grader.com weirdly ranked Scot the #1 most influential Facebook user in the world.